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Corporate values


Security is at second place in the list of needs of every person, immediately after the physiological necessities such as breathing. It represents the need for certainty, the tendency towards stability and protection. The vision of elitio is aimed to accomplish these objectives, applied to technologies, to turn them on to the customer.


Contemporary technologies, and even more will be those in the future, allow the integrated management of the spaces that we live every day, making us free from the thought of having to manage them individually. Adding the possibility to provide the customer with a customized, studied, designed and fully implemented solution, elitio contributes to broaden the comfort zone through its vision.


Freedom is the condition to act without constraints. It’s the condition to an instrument knowing its boundaries without perceiving them as limits. elitio, in its professional contexts, embody this philosophy by transferring it to all technologies relevant to the living and working spaces, eliminating the perception of technological limits through of a full system customization.


Quote: “Italian artistic movement founded in 1909 by F.T. Marinetti; It grounds its aesthetic conception on dynamism, on the cult of modernity and technique, in contentious odds with every form of traditionalism in the arts. ” Technologies, above all the results arising from their use, are in some way an art form, the ability to reach through their utilization a result aiming to simplification. elitio escapes the patterns of traditionalism linked to the function of a single system, either security or home and building automation, to reach the dynamism generated by the interaction of the systems with each other.